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Our faith-based Holiday Dinners Program seeks to prepare and deliver nutritious hot meals and additional food items to those in need during the holiday season. We attempt to accommodate every request for dinners and food irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, class, or religion.

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Local TV stations have lauded United Prayer Movement's outreach as among the largest, continuous, volunteer-based efforts in the Kansas City metro.


Ms. Bernice McKinney, Emeritus, is seen below sharing with a couple of stations about the growth for demand by clients and the continual  need for Donations and Volunteers each year.


Rev. Jarvis L. Collier                                                   Chairman

Pleasant Green Baptist Church, KCKS

Senior Pastor, Pleasant Green Baptist Church, Kansas City, KS, a vibrant, growing, historic fellowship with evangelistic, prayer, media, Christian school, entrepreneurial, multi-faceted ministries for major Kingdom impact in the 21st Century.


Dr. Rev. Collier is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Fuller Theological Seminary, graduate studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and holds an Honorary Doctorate.


Bernice V. McKinney                                                    Emeritus

Pleasant Green Baptist Ch./UPM, Inc.

Ms. Bernice McKinney is retiring as of May 31, 2014 after 45 years of work at Pleasant Green Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas where the Rev. Dr. Jarvis L. Collier is the pastor. She plans to return to TN to live near her siblings.


For 43 years, she operated and managed the Holiday Dinners Program (formerly named, "Dinners for the Needy"), is sponsored by the United Prayer Movement, Inc.


Ms. Bernice, graciously continues to assist and support this ministry, which involves 600+ volunteers from 60 area churches, synagogues, and varied organizations to deliver more than 2,700 meals and 400 sacks of groceries to the sick, shut-ins and other families in need throughout the Greater Kansas City area on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This continues to be her life passion to humbly serve others in need.


Hope Davis

Pleasant Green Baptist Church/UPM, Inc.

Under the strong leadership of Ms. Hope Davis, as the Holiday Meals Program Coordinator, she has picked up the 'baton' without missing a beat.


Ms. Davis has been a long-time volunteer with the Holiday Meals Program which gave her the advantage of knowing the organization. And just as her predecessor, Ms. Davis has a heart for serving.

Ms. Davis exemplifies Change Leadership. Her operational knowledge and strategic vision will achieve the goals of the Holiday Meals Program well into the 21st Century.

Watch for future news to come out as Ms. Davis will continue to expand the outreach of United Prayer Movement within the Kansas City-metro.


Cunnie Randle                                                                Retired

Certain Teed


Freddye Davis                                       Retired School Teacher

US School District 500


Margie Porter                                         Retired School Teacher

US School District 500


Deborah Davis                                  Farmland Foods Company


Perry Jones                                                                     Retired

Currently a WMCA Physical Trainer


The United Prayer Movement Board of Directors meets twice annually for their board meetings. Board Members serve a term of 10-years for up to 2-term limists. We thank each of our Board Members for their direction and support to United Prayer Movement.






The United Prayer Movement Holiday Dinners Program is committed to achieving the following specific strategic objectives within the next three years:


  • Increase total prepared and delivered meals to 3,500 (or a 33% increase)

  • Grow our partnerships with civic and ecumenical organizations to 100 (or a 75% increase)

  • Further develop our base of volunteers to 1,000 (or an increase of 84%)

  • Enhance community awareness of the need to feed the less fortunate through direct appeals, social media, and data base marketing

  • Grow Annual Operating Fund to $16,000 (or an increase of 33%)

  • Solicit $135,000 to renovate the kitchen and replace aging appliances








Hope Davis                                  Brenda Bell

Anthony Smith                             Katie Allison


Rosina Graves                             Janet Mathis




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