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Holiday Meals Volunteer Signup is open.

Anyone entering the building for a volunteer assignment will be required to follow COVID screening guidelines and requirements.

Anyone delivering will receive the meal and the grocery sack through a drive up and pick up method.  Please follow signage to get to the destination correctly.

Volunteer Registration
We Need Your Financial Support

Will you Donate today to support our efforts to feed families who are less fortunate including Senior Citizens that reside in senior living residences & specific school districts to ensure children and their families enjoy the holiday with a warm meal and a sack of groceries.

Please click on DONATE to take you to UPM's 'Go Fund Me' page OR,

Click on on VENMO to donate to UPMs account.

NOTE: You will need an account to access this app.

Thank You Holiday Meal Program Volunteers!


United Prayer Movement, Inc. had another successful year.

You helped us provide record numbers again in 2019 for the Holiday Meal program. Take a look at our latest annual statistics on the ABOUT US page.


We pray that you consider volunteering with United Prayer Movement, Inc. as we Celebrate With Us Our 50th-Year!


Join us during Thanksgiving and Christmas as we stage the meal preparation during evening shifts (3-nights); or, come out in the morning of Thanksgiving and Christmas to dish up meals or delivery meals across the Kansas City-metro.


We are very appreciative to all of the volunteers who have supported the Holiday Meals Program each year.  Thank you!

Take a Look at Our Short Video

Watch our short video promo to see how you have helped so many families and seniors who are living in poverty. United Prayer Movement has been providing a holiday meal (Thanksgiving + Christmas) for 


We are doing things differently this year due to the COVID-19

Pandemic to adhere to county/ state guidelines to keep both our Volunteers and Meal Recipients safe.


Please Donate now to help with the expenses to provide grocery sacks to our Meal Recipients.

Latest Project


Please check back soon for additional information on upcoming projects and fundraiser!

This year (2020) marks our 50th Anniversary of the Holiday Meals Program.


And we'll be modifying our process this year as Kansas is still under County & State guidelines. We will keep our Volunteers safe & our registered recipients.


We have an immediate need for check or credit/debit card donations to cover the expenses of groceries, etc.

Please consider giving today with any amount!


Just click on the Donation link below, or send in your check with the UPM Donation form.

We are seeking funds to renovate the kitchen and replace aging appliances at the church facility used for our Holiday Dinners program.


Please consider United Prayer Movement for your next Donation!

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